Tuesday, July 01, 2008


As the song says...

"Well the first days are the hardest days, don't you worry any more, 'Cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at the door..." Can any one name that tune, or one of the two well known groups to record it? It's a pretty good description of my first week home.

The first days really were the hardest days. In my last post I mentioned that one of the side effects of my antibiotics could be an allergic reaction causing my liver to turn my blood to poison. The only warning sign would be nausea. Well, on my first full day home I vomited something fierce and continued to have waves of nausea well into the next day, when I had a follow-up with my Dr. The most aggravating thing was that, with all of the drugs I'm taking, and the morphine that I'd stopped taking, I couldn't tell what was causing the nausea!

Was it the scary antibiotic side effects? Was I suffering severe withdrawal from the morphine? Was it the anti-inflammatory that I had to take with food? Or was it the donuts I'd eaten for breakfast that morning? I didn't know!

My Doctor told me to stop taking the anti-inflammatory, because it was the hardest drug on my stomach. My condition has steadily improved since then. Today, one week after coming home from the hospital, twelve days since my last surgery, Mom and I decided to go out so that I could get my hair cut, we had a nice lunch, and we ran several errands that I'd intended to do in June. June was a bad month. I'm looking forward to a great July!

Don't you hate it when you give these whole months to the medical profession?? Glad to hear things are on the upswing...finally! Can we do boring now?
I really miss having the internet at home--I miss too much in relying on trips to the fire dept. to check email; Kathryn just told me how to click on the scrolling banner at the family website to check on your blog. Thank goodness for someone who knows more about this than me ;)
May July be a great enough month to help make up for June this year.
Love, Florence

No, I have no idea about the song, but then I'm old!!!
I don't think I'm taking a big risk to say that you are going to have a better month!!!! Matt
The song is "Uncle John's Band" by Grateful Dead. ;-)

July here we come! I'm thinking of you often.

Loved your folks'story about their trip with Madeleine to Chicago! What a wonderful little girl! You're a lucky guy to have such a darling niece and fun-loving family!

I'm so far up Frank Sinatra's butt that the band Grateful Dead doesn't even ring a bell with me, just kidding but Frank over Grateful Dead - mmm...ok, July is here and where did June go? Matter of fact, where is the summer going? I am going out on a limb here and TELLING you that you will have better MONTHS ahead of you.
You are a poster child for medication..geez :-)
Alright, time is a wasting, get out and enjoy the days!! Glad your feeling better...you have been on my mind ya know..we have much to talk about :-)
Love you and miss you sooooo much,

691-7561 C
Ironic, I just got off the phone from leaving the neurologist's nurse a message that Anna has a rash on her back and chest. She started a new medication last Tuesday. I'm hoping it's not a side effect. (sigh)

I, too, hope July is much, much better than your June!!


Heather & family
Well it sounds like it was the anti-inflammatory and not the donuts! My breakfast of choice is cupcakes :)

Good to hear that things are starting to feel better though.
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