Thursday, July 10, 2008


Continued improvement

Just a quick update this week. I met with my Primary Care Physician on Tuesday for a check up and some blood work to ensure the antibiotics are doing there thing. I haven't heard back from him yet, so I'm taking that as a good sign. Over all I'm feeling well, but there is some lingering soreness that comes and goes. I wouldn't necessarily call it pain, and it's not constant.

Up until Tuesday morning there continued to be a small amount of drainage (eww) from the incision on the end of my leg. I was really worried about this (three weeks out from surgery), but Dr. Reilly (my PCP)set me at ease. After my visit with him the drainage seems to have stopped. (by the way, in this context, PCP means Primary Care Physician, not speed) I also saw Dr. Ertl (my surgeon) today and he confirmed that everything looked great.

I'll see him again in a couple of weeks. He did approve me to start Physical Therapy again, which will start next week. He did not approve a new fitting for the socket on my left leg. He said we need to wait at least 4 more weeks and see where things stand at that point. In the mean time I need to start stretching again. I finally feel well enough to lay around on my stomach doing nothing!

By the way, this probably means next weeks update will be pretty boring. Something like...and today I looked to my right while laying on my stomach. The next day I rolled over once...then my cat walked on my back...then I looked to my get the point. However, I recommend you keep checking in. Who knows, I might even surprise you with pictures...of what I can see from my stomach...well, it still might be interesting.

I have one favor to ask: since I had stopped doing weekly updates I know some people stopped reading. If you should know someone who used to read this, let them know that I'm writing again, and things are getting interesting (at least I think it's interesting...)

Oh yeah! I almost forgot...the song I was referring to last week was Uncle John's Band, originally by the Grateful Dead, and also recorded by Jimmy Buffet! Great job to those of you who figured it out, or knew it right off the bat!

So good to hear from you again. I'd like a view from the table on the stomach at some point. Remember the view from the Tower that came from D. Hamilton. I bet you will have something really good just as Dick did. Give it a try. Good to hear that things are going well in the healing department. That's what counts at this point. See you at church at some point. I'll get that favorite pastry ready. Always think of you when one comes from Panera.
Your sense of humor is amazing...I like laying on my stomach!! Any news on the job hunt? All of this hospital/doctor visits I was just wondering where your next level of income will come from my friend. If you keep visiting these places they may put you to work...Pictures would be nice...oh yea, one never stops reading about you Jeremy, your a star!!
Take care and congrats on the healing process - power of prayer my friend.
Love you,
Jeremy- I'm reading!! Matt
Hope things are going well...
-Violet, Matt and Co.
My granddaughter Claire is enjoying playing with Madeline at Rivi, and Aimee is enjoying visiting with Sarah. Amazing where life takes us .. your journey is certainly filled with challenges these days, but you certainly face them and keep moving forward! I seriously doubt any of your readers have dropped off -- you are an amazing inspiration to so many people! Fran
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