Thursday, September 11, 2008


A great night out

This past Saturday my sister and I went to the Rathskeller to hear my cousin Brian's band, The Elect, perform in the Beer Garden. It was the day after Sarah's birthday and I really wanted her to enjoy a night out. The entertainment and the setting didn't let us down!

The idea to go to the Rathskeller came up a couple of months ago at our family reunion. When Brian's mother told me that The Elect would be playing the day after Sarah's birthday I immediately looked at her and told her we would go. About a week before her birthday Sarah called me with concerns about whether I'd be able to get inside to hear the band.

The Rathskeller is on the bottom floor of the Atheneum building downtown, and it would probably be a difficult place for me to get into. I called a few days before and learned that there is an outside entrance to the Beer Garden. The only real concern was that most of the Beer Garden is covered with gravel, which could make walking a little tricky. Of course, I wasn't gonna let a little gravel stand in the way of taking my sister out for her birthday! (I was still a little nervous though.)

Parking was a bit tricky, due to an event at the Murat, but we were able to find a place nearby and we just had a short walk from the car to the Beer Garden. As we entered I was immediately greeted with hugs from my cousin Brian and Allison and Jimmy Tucker, who are ex co-workers from my Marriott days. Brian plays the keyboard for The Elect and Jimmy Tucker is their percussionist.

Before The Elect began to play we were entertained by Brian's Uncle Tom and his jazz quartet. I had never heard my cousin's band before but I had heard good things. When they began to play we were immediately impressed. Sarah enjoyed it so much that she went to the merchandise table before the band finished their first set. To my surprise she returned with all three of their CD's and a DVD of a concert that had been recorded right there at the Rathskeller! I think they have a new fan for life. (She may even become a groupie!)

I didn't have any issues walking in the Beer Garden. When we first got out of the car I realized that my left leg felt a little loose, so I added a sock before we went in. I was afraid that my leg would continue to shrink while we sat and listened to the band but, while the socket had loosened a little, it didn't cause any problems when we left. Walking on the gravel was difficult, but I just had to use only one knee while I was walking so that I always had a stable leg. My legs did get very uncomfortable after sitting on a picnic table bench for a couple of hours, but that just goes with the territory.

The majority of the pain that I was feeling a few weeks ago is gone. I still have issues with the bruising from the surgery but I'm not letting that keep me from walking. I had some more programming done on the left knee last week that has helped me regain some more control. The range of motion in my hip also continues to improve. I have Physical Therapy tomorrow morning and I'm really excited to find out what the measurement is!

Jeremy, It's so good to hear that you are getting out and enjoying the finer things in life again. I'm sure Sarah was really happy that you were able to take her to hear this band and enjoy a good time with you.

Sounds like the problems with the legs are finally getting taken care of and that has got to be a big relief for you as well as for your family and friends!

Keep up with the good spirits that you bring to your posts!

Marilyn Becker
It was a lovely night out-thanks again!
that's awesome! glad you're doing so well and that you had fun downtown! (happy belated birthday sarah!) -you've made me wanna check out this band too!
Sarah and Jeremy -- Party Animals!

Keep the fun coming.

Go Cubs, Go Colts, Go Jeremy and Sarah...I was gonna do the priceless thing but I figured you had enough of that already...glad to hear you got out. After our phone call the other day, I am determined to make time for you my friend. So, I'll be calling you..
Love ya and can't wait to see you again,
Hey Jeremy!
I didnt know how else to write to you on this website, other than to just post under this blog!
Thank you for coming to speak to our class today, it was so great to have a speaker that I really learned something from! You were so honest and it was so "refreshing
" to hear you talk about your views on the world of "disabilities". It reassured me that I am going into this field because I can do something positive with the beliefs I have!!
So thank you, again, for that!

You are also speaking to my Special Education Seminar, I believe, sometime in November..I will be looking forward to seeing you again!!
My email address is! I would love to hear from you..or just to keep in touch!

(the girl who got (a little) emotional in class today :)
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