Saturday, October 11, 2008


A good week

The high point of my past week came on Wednesday. All in all it was a good week, but Wednesday was the best day, with Friday being a close runner up. What made Wednesday so special was that I got to pick Madeline (my niece) up from school and spend the afternoon with her. It was the first time that I've driven a car with her in it since before the accident! I never went over 30mph on our drive home!

I mentioned that I was driving slowly and she asked why. I told her that I had a special package in the car. She asked "what is it?" and I responded "you!". She giggled. We went through the drive through at Dairy Queen on the way home. Once inside her house she had to take two more trips to the car to get the food, and her stuff. It was fun to watch her climbing in and out of my car and trying to get as much stuff at a time as possible! She did her homework while I ate and then we played some board games and the Wii until her mommy came home to take her to gymnastics. We had a great time!

Thursday I had a follow up with Dr. Ertl. My appointment was at 10:45am. I didn't get out of there until 2pm! The visit was worth the wait though. Dr. Ertl was very pleased with my progress.

Friday was a big day. I had Physical Therapy in the morning. I stood for just over two minutes without holding on to anything! That's a big improvement, considering that I could only stand for about 30 seconds before the last round of surgery. We also decided to try walking with one crutch again. I had been able to do this before the surgery in May, but it was very uncontrolled and I had to put my left leg into a different mode. This time we tried it with both legs in their normal mode. It was much more controlled, and a lot easier! Of course, it's still not as safe as walking with both crutches, but at least I know I can do it. Both of these things are a big steps, and show how much my balance has improved!

Madeline enjoyed her time with you too. Thanks again!

I had my tonsils out last week and I have to tell you it has given me an even greater appreciation of the obstacles you have overcome these past 3 yrs and I admire you now even more (as if that was possible!). I hope you continue to do well and maybe we'll see you around the 'hood at Halloween? Just watch out for a 4 ft tall Darth Vader!!

Jeremy- Greetings from friends in Greencastle- Great news in your post- Matt
Always glad to hear things are going well for you!!
Woo, Woo. Life is getting even better. Go, go, go. Missed you at church. It's good to know that you are out there somewhere and happy to see you when you do appear.
How come you never come to work to pick me up in your car? I love Dairy Queen...but I understand the special package in your car!! Not taking away from that, you needed that :-)
Let's hope your weeks starting getting even better...
STANDING TALL JEREMY...looking good too.
Love ya,
So glad to hear about the improvements in your balance -- very good news.

Hey, could you come pick me up for a trip to DQ -- It's been awhile since I've had a Peanut Buster Parfait! :-) You'd have to help me out with the Wii, though, I haven't tried it out yet.

Glad you got to spend some one-on-one time with Madeline -- I'm sure it was a highlight of the week for her, too. :-)


It's good to hear that you are doing so well now with better balance and such progress in "less assisted walking". It is great to hear that you can have one-on-one time with Madeline. Sounds like the Warriner sector of the family is in increasingly better shape. From the sound of things on Anna's Caring Bridge site, it appears the Bruce sector is the one now in need of support. Keep moving forward!

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