Wednesday, November 05, 2008


What came next

I feel like there should be someone in front of me with a microphone saying "Jeremy Warriner, you've just survived three years as a Bi-Lateral Above Knee Amputee! What are you going to do next?!!" Well, the answer should be obvious...GO TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

Which is exactly what we (Mom, Dad, Sarah, Madeline, and I) did the morning after the anniversary. Yep, we all woke up in our respective houses (around 4am), spontaneously decided to go to Disney World, and just happened to run into each other at the airport. What a coincidence, huh!

Seriously though, we've had it planned since February. I really wasn't much looking forward to it, because of the distances, crowds, and other obstacles I would have to face. But I wanted to see Madeline's face light up each time she saw something magical, so I went. It really was magical!

The trip was very eye opening. It was my first venture to an amusement park since the accident. (Couldn't start with anything small or close by!) I was really worried about accessing the rides, but it worked out great. Not only was I able to get onto most rides, but I quickly learned that the wheelchair could get me, and the family, through the lines really fast! (Gotta try to find the bright side in everything.)

It was an exhausting trip, and Sarah and I managed to ruffle each others feathers more than once (We are brother and sister after all!), but it was well worth it. I learned that I can definitely still enjoy an amusement park, which is a big step for me. I also figured out that it would be best to do one day at the park, one day of rest around a pool, another day at the park, and so on... We actually spent four days at the park, including the day we left, so that's how I know I need to try the other method.

The next update will come much sooner, I promise, and it will have a great update about my progress! I just wanted to be sure everyone got a chance to see the anniversary post. If you've missed it, I encourage you to scroll down and read on...

Super news. I almost believe that you all decided independently to meet at the airport. But...Not quite. See you around.
How fun! I'm sure Madeline had a great time with memories to last forever!
I actually thought people in wheelchairs got special treatment at those places but they don't huh? Well, that blows...but I'm glad you went, I know you and your family had a great time. I'm curious where the pictures are of you and Mickey? Minnie? Goofy? Your holding back on us...shame on you!!

Talk to you soon,
You don't see Jeremy with Mickey Mouse and Goofy because he was with Snow White, Jamine, Belle, Cinderella and all the other Disney princesses.
What fun! Mom told me you all were going down there. Looks like you had good weather? One of the days you were there, I saw a national weather map and it showed lots of rain moving over Florida. I'm glad to see you had some sun at least.

Thanks for the update!

Another great accomplishment for you! If it isn't already, your motto should be "I can do anything". Or perhaps more appropriately, Philippians 4:13. I'm so happy to see you enjoy life as it should be enjoyed!

Marilyn Becker
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