Saturday, December 27, 2008


Merry Christmas (a few days late)

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas at the Warriner household was as magical as always. We attended the 5:00pm service at our church, which is a service that is produced by the youth group and is focused more on the children. Madeline was in a Christmas play and was also involved in the music. She even had a small duet in the song her choir sang!

After church we went home to Mom and Dad's house and enjoyed some wonderful appetizers and great company! The excitement of Christmas was evident on Madeline's face as she prepared a very large plate of Christmas cookies for Santa. We went to bed fairly late in anticipation of Christmas morning. Around 8:00am Madeline snuck into the room that I was sleeping in. As she said Merry Christmas to wake me up I grabbed her and pulled her into the bed and we chatted while we waited for Mom, Dad, Sarah, and Uncle Mike to let us know that they were ready for Madeline to come downstairs. Of course, she had to wait for me to scoot down the stairs first!

The tradition at our house is that the youngest passes out the gifts. (I was very happy when Madeline came along so that I could finally get out of that responsibility!) Once Madeline was done passing out the gifts (she had some help from her Mommy) we began opening gifts in order of youngest to oldest. Of course, the most precious gift to me was the home made "Snow Globe" that Madeline had worked on for approximately 4 - 5 days!

After opening the gifts we had our traditional Christmas breakfast, which is my favorite part. Then I went home to get cleaned up and feed the cat, and then came back to Mom and Dad's for Christmas dinner. This years big gift for all of us were tickets to see the Broadway production of The Lion King. We saw the performance yesterday, and must say that it really is amazing! If you ever have the opportunity to see it, don't let that opportunity pass you by. For me, the most special part of the show was getting to sit next to Madeline and watch her face light up with the magic of the performance!

One of the pictures above should answer a couple of the questions from the last blog update. Yes, this bachelor does decorate for Christmas, and as you can see, Hobbs (my cat) is enjoying the holiday season and providing me with great company now that I am on my own. The other picture is the hand crafted snow globe that Madeline worked on so hard. I will treasure it always! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year!

Ps. To the person who sent me a letter and asked for confirmation that I received it, I did get it, and do appreciate it.

Merry Christmas's never too late to tell someone merry christmas because we should be celebrating his birth every day of our lives so, Merry Christmas my friend over and over again...

Love you,
Thanks for the tree picture -- very nice!

And Wow! -- Tell Madeline she did a great job on the snow globe. I'm really impressed with her crafting ability.

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Mom said you all had a good visit with Grandma the other day. She was very glad to see you all and we appreciate your taking the time for the visit.

Oh, also Dad said you impressed them all with your one-crutch walking demonstration. Maybe that should be the next picture on the blog. :-)

Love you!

Madeline's snow globe is beautiful!Give her a hug for us.So happy to see the cat under the tree.

A belated Merry Christmas and wishes for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.

Love to you ,
Harry and Lilla
Happy New Year!!!
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