Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone! There was a time when I worked every New Years Eve. Coordinating large parties and sometimes multiple events at the hotels I worked at. I rang in the Millennium standing on the roof of my hotel in Fort Worth Texas. After I moved home to Indy I continued to work every New Years Eve, but made it a point to get off work before midnight and go out with co-workers and friends before the year turned. For obvious reasons, the past several years have been a bit different.

Since the accident my New Years Eve celebrations have been spent either at my parents house or at my house. However, this year I made it a point to do something different. I had a few options, but ultimately decided to go to Eddie Adair's house. Eddie is a good friend and was my boss for several years. He made a comment on a recent blog update and I gave him a call after I read it. We hadn't been in touch for some time, but we always seem to pick up right where we left off. He extended the invite to come to his house to celebrate the big night, and I'm glad I decided to join them! We had a great time.

2008 was an interesting year for me. It held a lot of twists and turns that I never saw coming. On the down side there was the elimination of my job, more surgery, more infections, and more surgery again. On the up side I got to ride a horse, had more speaking opportunities, met some great new friends, built a new deck, made strides in walking with one crutch, successfully navigated Disney World, and made the transition to living on my own. I would have to say that it has been a momentous year. I can't imagine what 2009 has in store!

Unfortunately one of the goals that I had set for 2008 did not come to pass. That goal was to go skiing again. The main reason this didn't happen was because of our economic situation. I still want to experience the thrill of skiing down a snow covered mountain again, so this goal is not gone, just moved into the new year. I'm not sure what goals to set for 2009. I certainly have things that I want to do. However, in these uncertain times, I feel like I should approach 2009 without any expectations and with my eyes wide open for any opportunities that come my way. So, with that said, I guess my goals for 2009 are to continue to value each day, work through any obstacles that come my way without letting them take over my life, and enjoy myself as much as possible. Here's to 2009!

Best wishes for everything in 2009!!
I got your voice message you left me, I have been moving at the rate of speed even superman would be proud of...things have finally slowed down so, I am making a new year's resolution to see you in 2009!!! I don't care if we eat ice cream out on the new deck, watching the stars go by - ew, sounds like fun now that I mention it.
Anyway, good luck in 2009, like you I am so looking forward to what the good Lord has in store for me.
Living my days praising his name are my only intentions so far, oh yea and working...oops
Anyway, here is to 2009 Jerms may the Gods line up our planets so that we may live forever!!!
Love ya,
If you don't want to take a whole skiing vacation yo could look at the place: It's fake real snow if you know what mean.

You have acheived so much in one year can't imagine what 2009 will be like for you! Happy New Year.
Jeremy, You have come so far and with all the ups and downs you keep such a good attitude. I wish for you a great New Year and may it be the best year yet.Your friend Della
Hi, Jeremy: I, too, am proud of your accomplishments in light of all the obstacles thrown your way last year. We must find a date for you to come to our church and speak in the near future. Our church sent many prayers to God for you in the past years. I know they would welcome you so warmly. Think about it and let me know some options on dates. In whatever is in our future, God is in control and can make all things possible for those who love Him.

Love you so much, Outlaw cousin, Mona
As always you are in our thoughts and prayers.We are so proud of you. Keep strong and don't forget to pet the cat.

Love from windy Virginia Beach,

Harry and Lilla
This would be an awesome place for you to ski:

You've accomplished so much. Wishing you all the best - with lots of joyous surprises - in 2009.

Jeremy -- I love how you see the positive in so many things. One of my resolutions for 2009 is to follow your example of living "glass half full."

Happy 2009 to you and your wonderful family!


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