Friday, March 13, 2009


Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

Won't you all join me in wishing Jeremy a happy birthday today?

Wishing you a blessed birthday, Jeremy. You are loved!

Happy Birthday!!!!!! hope you have a fabulous wonderful day and a spectacular year!!!!!
Love and hugs!
Happy Birthday
Definitely have a great Happy Birthday! Best of everything in the coming year.

Happy Birthday, wonderful cousin!

From the Bruce clan!
Wow-that's a better family picture than our "official" one-don't you think? Happy Birthday-see you in a few!
Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!!

For three fourths of your entire life, I have been happy to share the day of the week on which our birtdays occur... every year except leap years. My last birthday was just five weeks ago today. By the way, I know of three beautiful women who share that same relationship with us. One is a classmate of mine from high school, Joanne Woodward Newman. Yes, Paul Newman's widow. She shared her birthday two weeks ago today with Elizabeth Taylor. The third one is ZaZa Gabor who shares my birthday. I thought you might like to know that you have something in common with several beautiful and famous women.... even if you do have to share "it" with an aging cousin. Enjoy the day and those yet to come.

Harry and Lilla

P.S. Lilla is has not been the least concerned with this relationship, but she has been disappointed that Paul has never appeared at any of the H S reunions we have attended (nor has Joanne). H
Have a happy day. The dinner party will be wonderful. I would imagine that there will be one so I'm ahead of the game. See you around Big J. W.
Birthday wishes to you from the Ramseys!

Love ya! :-)
Happy Birthday, Jeremy. You are indeed loved. Look forward to hearing about your escapades during the last few months regarding speaking, job search, and just what God has planned for you. We hope this year is the best yet.

Love you, Mona and family
Happy Birthday (plus 1).

Lisa Lusk
Happy Belated Birthday! Hope your day was great! Love, Mary-Camille
What a great picture! Happy Birthday, Mr. J.

And one more birthday wish for a great year!! I was late for both the Friday the 13th wishes this year--Dave's sister shares your birthday as well. Hope you have had a great day.
Happy Birthday Jeremy!! Matt & Betsy, Chloe & Cabot
What a Great Photo of the Warriner Family! Happy Belated Birthday Jeremy!

Your Chesapeake Virginia Cousins,

Stewart, Sandi, Stephanie and Sarah
Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. Claudia and I will be in Indy the week of April13th to the 16th, maybe we can see everyone then.
Your Dad's cousin in Salem,
Happy, Happy, Happy birthday..have a great weekend.

Love ya,
The best is yet to come!
Happy Birthday!!

~Matt, Violet and boys
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