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Superstitious habits

We all have our own unique superstitions that have developed over the course of our lives. I'm not talking about things like throwing salt over your shoulder for good luck, or going the other direction because a black cat crossed your path. (There are two black cats who have been hanging around my yard all winter, but I don't think they bring any bad luck with them.) I'm talking about things that have become habits because of lessons learned.

Whenever the song Dream Weaver comes on the radio while I'm driving I immediately change the station before the first few cords have played. This is not because I don't like the song. In fact, I really like it, but I can't bring myself to listen to it while driving. Any guesses as to why?

When I was 16 I was in my first car accident. The song Dream Weaver was playing on the radio. On the night of October 22nd, 2005, when a 16 year old driver turned left in front of me, Dream Weaver was again playing on the radio. Now, logically, the song has nothing to do with the accident. It's merely a coincidence, but whenever I hear that song begin this little voice in my head says "change the station or else it might happen again".

My experience is that if I change the station nothing bad will happen. Of course I had heard the song on the radio while driving many times before that fateful night and no horrible events occurred. There's absolutely no reason for me to think that it is the harbinger of doom, but that song is now forever linked with my shattered memory of the events that led to the fire that took my legs.

As silly a habit as it is, I feel safer when I change the station. It's an odd thing, I know, but I thought you might all find it interesting.

Jeremy, I can certainly understand your unease when you hear the song on your car radio when driving. I, too, have a song that bothers me but not at any particular time.

It's a song that was played at my Mother's funeral and is one I always loved to hear but because of the way it was presented at her funeral, I find it hard to listen to and sing, even in church. It's getting better but still brings back the memory of that painful time.

May God bless you and ease your unease in listening to a song you like while driving.

Marilyn Becker
Jeremy -- I don't remember you being in a car accident when you were 16. I'm guessing it must've been a minor one?

That's interesting about "Dream Weaver". (Too bad it couldn't have been some annoying song! :-)

Why has it been so long since we've seen each other? We need to get together soon!

completely understand and I sympathize with you...I really don't think about it much but you have brought it to my attention now so, mmm....dream weaver huh? I never really understood that song but the beat was good.
Well, keep thinking good thoughts my friend..good thoughts!! Where is that book deal anyway? You have a way with words...
they played that song on My Name is Earl tonight
too funny - guess we all have those - i will say though, that when I hear Dream Weaver I will always see my 11 year old (at the time) Melissa in a flowy pink ice skating outfit in an ice show at the Coliseum. Much nicer memory for me.

I didn't know the strange coincidence of that song for you! And, like Colleen, I don't remember you being in an accident when you were 16 - - probably because we didn't have "My Family" back then!! ;)

Can't blame you for changing the station; I'd do it too!

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