Sunday, June 28, 2009


Great News

On Friday Congressman Carson (my representative) introduced the Jeremy Warriner Consumer Protection Act in the US House of Representatives! The bill if, and when, it is signed into law will require any automobile manufacturer that the Federal Government has an ownership interest in, or that has an outstanding loan from the Federal Government, to purchase liability insurance. The language of the bill is very clear and it does include any pending cases or future cases related to vehicles sold before the bankruptcies!

I will be involved in a press conference tomorrow morning at 11:30am. Be sure to watch the news tomorrow. I don't know if there will be any national coverage, but I certainly hope so. Keep checking back here to see what needs to happen next. We will need everyone's support. My goal is to ensure that every US Congressman and US Senator receives letters and phone calls from their constituents in support of this bill!

Yay! So exciting!! Hopefully, this will evolve into another trip to DC. We'd love to see you again.

This is the system at its best...with the best (we're talking Jeremy, of course) behind it.

Very exciting, Jeremy! Looking forward to hearing how it all turns out.

Keep us aware of how we can help. We are excited and proud of all that you have done and are doing to protect us as we drive and share the road with these vehicles.

Harry and Lilla
Fantastic news!
Really great- I'll be monitoring to see how your Greencastle clan can help. Matt
That is awesome and exciting! I actually saw the announcement on the Inside Indiana Business website, while following up on something else. :)
I have been talking to a number of people about the situation and most of them are astounded that Chrysler was now free of liability for anything on the road today. Glad you are continuing to keep us posted. I am getting quite proficient at emails to both state and national legislators! Keep up the good work for all of us.
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