Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Returning to DC

Yesterday the bankruptcy Judge in New York accepted Chrysler's bankruptcy plan as written, which means that they no longer have any liability for injuries caused by their vehicles that are on the road today. However, the government now has partial ownership of Chrysler, which means that there are actions that Congress can take to correct this problem. GM will be filing for bankruptcy very soon and there is still a chance to raise awareness of this issue and put things right.

Today I will return to Washington, DC to speak with legislators, lobbyists, and hopefully press. The Center for Justice and Democracy is organizing this effort. Tomorrow morning I will attend a briefing at the Association for Justice with several others who have been injured by Chrysler or GM products. After the briefing I will travel around Capitol Hill speaking with anyone who will listen.

There will be a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday and there might be another House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. As of now I don't think that I will be allowed to testify at either of these hearings, but there is always a chance. I have been allowed to submit written testimony for the House hearing that I attended on May 21st, and may be allowed to submit written testimony to the other committee's as well.

Good luck my friend...give them hell!!! I'll be thinking about ya...be careful
Go Jeremy! God be with you.
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Jeremy, I just heard from Jared who sent me an article with Jeremy quotes posted in a Saginaw, Michigan publication. Jane Carter also sent me something. We are on to you!!!
Jeremy- Keep your head up- Thinking of you- Matt
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