Saturday, July 25, 2009


A Lot to Tell, No Time to Talk

Ok, so I have a lot to share with you. Details about my vacation, a visit with a Senator, and testifying before the House Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law about the Ramifications of the Auto Industry Bankruptcies. Unfortunately I have no time to get into those stories, but I promise I will as soon as I can catch a breath.

Tomorrow (Sunday) evening I will fly to Detroit to join with other victims of defective Chrysler vehicles. On Monday the new Chrysler/Fiat CEO and the Board of Directors will meet at the Chrysler headquarters. At approximately 10am on Monday we (the victims) will hold a Press Conference near the building and attempt to gain their attention to request a meeting.

I promise I will fill you in on what has been happening in my life as soon as I get a chance! For now though, I need to focus on laundry, spend some quality time with my cats, and try to get some rest. I'm completely exhausted!

The following is the invitation that was sent to the media, feel free to share this information with everyone you know. Be sure to watch the news on Monday, we're hoping this gets national attention!



--Victims from 3 States Schedule News Conference Monday at Chrysler's Headquarters Prior to Board of Directors Meeting; Victims Will Attempt to Hand-Deliver a Letter to Chrysler/Fiat CEO Board of Director, Sergio Marchionne and newly formed Board of Directors, seeking a meeting--

WHO: Christina and Brian Catalano of St. Clair Shores, MI, whose mother was killed by a runaway Chrysler minivan; Jeremy Warriner of Indianapolis, IN, whose legs were so badly burned by a fire in a Chrysler vehicle that they had to be amputated; and Patrick James of Knoxville, TN, whose daughter was killed in a Chrysler van that flipped over. A representative from the Center for Justice and Democracy. More family members, friends and supporters.

WHAT: Chrysler victims who have been severely injured and families with parents or children who died as a result of unsafe defective Chrysler cars will hold a press conference and also attempt to personally deliver a letter to “New” Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and the new Chrysler Board of Directors. The new Board is meeting on Monday for the first time, beginning a 3-day briefing/formal board meeting. The families are asking Chrysler to restore consumer protections that were eliminated during the bankruptcy process when the company refused to take responsibility for deaths and injuries caused by safety defects in any Chrysler vehicles now on road. The victims want consumers to know that Chrysler is the only car company in the world that is not responsible for deaths and injuries caused by defects in future crashes. General Motors, which went through the same bankruptcy process, agreed to take responsibility for defective GM vehicles when fatalities and injuries occur after this month's bankruptcy, but Chrysler is evading its responsibility.

At the event, there will be a defective Chrysler minivan on display. The minivan was rear ended in 2007 and both front seats collapsed resulting in the death of one child in the back seat. A second child in the back seat suffered a skull fracture. This is a common safety defect in millions of Chrysler minivans. Other visuals include consumers holding "Justice for Chrysler Victims" signs and posters created by victims displaying photos of loved ones who were injured or killed by defective Chrysler vehicles.

WHERE: Public access location as close as possible to Chrysler Headquarters -- exact location TBA

WHEN: Approximately 10 AM -- EXACT TIME TBA

Hopefully this will indeed attract the attention needed to bring about a change in thinking and policy. If anyone can do this, you can. Will be anxious to hear more about all of it.

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