Monday, November 23, 2009


Crossing My Legs

Along with my new sockets came some new flexibility as well. Switching from the pin lock sockets to the suction sockets also allowed my Prosthetist to make the sockets shorter than the old ones because these sockets don't have a locking mechanism at the bottom. This gave me a few options that I didn't have before. One option was to become about an inch or so shorter than I was with the other set. The other option was to put something between the end of the sockets and my knees to keep the same height.

Now, I've gotten used to being tall, and I really wasn't interested in buying new pants (or having the ones I currently have hemmed) so I decided to stay the same height. In order for that to happen my prosthetist needed to build up from the knee to the bottom of the socket. This gave me the chance to add something to each leg that I've wanted for a little over a year now. That "something" is called a rotation unit.

the rotation unit is the small piece between my knee and the socket (pictured above) that has a button on the side of it. When I press that button it allows me to actually rotate the knee so that I can cross my legs. You wouldn't think that this would be very important, but when you lose that flexibility you realize how important it really is! With the old system (pin lock) I couldn't add a rotation unit to the right leg because my residual limb is so long. It would have added unnecessary height that could have made balancing even more difficult than it already is. However, because I've learned to walk and balance (somewhat) at this height, staying this tall is not a problem. (getting taller could be)

With this new ability I can change my shoes without having to take my legs off, change clothes without having to take my legs off, and take pressure off my hips if the way I'm sitting is uncomfortable. I can't begin to express how good it felt to cross my legs for the first time in four years! Plus, the knee actually rotates 360 degrees, so if I step in something nasty it will be real easy to clean my shoes!

That is too cool!!
I've had 3 dreams with you in them within the past 2 weeks. In all of them you were on stage singing/performing and absolutely loving it. You were joyful and filled with energy. It was awesome!
Now, stop sending me these dreams...Matt's starting to look at me funny. Ha!
Jeremy..... These new features are very interesting. It sounds like your new prosthetist has creative ideas to improve your capabilities and comfort. What are your chances of learning the "moon walk" ? Every new report brings something amazing!!! We are all very proud of you. Keep on moving ahead!

I think they are re-creating the 6 Million Dollar Man although your much cuter than Lee Majors...I have to say this without being sexiest but thank you for crossing those legs...whew, if more men would do it these days!! Sorry had to go there at least once in your blog.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING..I know what your thankful for..
Happy Thanksgiving Bookstore Kid!!!!!!!
Violet is having dreams about you???????
Mrs. B
What a wonderful ability; living out in the country the way we do it would be WONDERFUL to be able to thoroughly inspect and clean those shoes instead of sniffing suspiciously and peering at the little bit of sole that is visible until you find the culprit!!!
Seriously, to be able to cross your legs again is heavenly. That was one of the things that made me do something about the torn meniscus finally.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
I think you have thought about every reason to cross your legs. I didn't know there were so many so once gave me another teachable moment. Didn't know I needed one but every little bit helps as you well can remind me. Love the picture and love the description. It isn't very often that this little old lady sees some beautiful sexy legs as you discribe them to be. I'm happy that getting pants on and off and changing shoes has become easier. I'll leave it at that. My brain is flying with the pants thing. Oh, dear. I'm just using my initials in the signature if I can make that work.
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