Sunday, May 12, 2013


Happy Mother's Day

Sarah and I are very lucky to have Patty Warriner for our Mother.  A Social Worker by trade, she quit work when my older Sister was born because she and Dad both felt that children needed a Mom at home.  From the very beginning she was committed to raising us right.  In the early days, when Dad was working two jobs and going to school for his Masters Degree, Mom stayed home and dealt with the challenge of raising two very active children.  Though the phrase "that's not appropriate" was used far too often for my taste, she taught us right from wrong and social manners that have helped us develop into the people we are today. 

Everyday she made certain that our household was up and moving.  She woke up early to ensure that we started the day with a healthy breakfast and took the time to pack health home made lunches for us to take to school, or when we could walk home for lunch she was always ready for us.  Subjecting her life to our schedules she picked us up from school, took us to countless after-school activities, scout troop meetings (both girl and boy), ballet classes for Sarah, gymnastics or soccer or karate for me.  It had to be exhausting.

She was with me as we watched the Challenger explode, she cleaned my wounds when I skinned my knee or got hit in the head with a rock (when Sarah and her friend Addie were playing hopscotch).  She held my hand when I got stitches, or dealt with other uncomfortable medical procedures...  Years later she sat by my bedside singing "You Are My Sunshine" or "I Love You a Bushel and A Peck" while I lingered in a medically induced coma.  After I awoke she spent several nights in the hospital so that I would not be left alone to deal with my fear and anxiety in what (at that point in time) was a very frightening and alien place.  She has offered her strength, confidence, and moral fortitude to me every time my own has faltered and she as supported me in every challenge I have faced.

My family would not be as special if she were not a part of it, and I would not be the man I am today without her.   I LOVE YOU MOM!  Happy Mother's Day!

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