Monday, June 17, 2013


Flying on Water

Last Wednesday I had a new experience.  For the first time in my life I successfully went waterskiing.  I had tried before, many years ago, at my friend Megen Gaylord's family lake house.  I remember standing up on the skis and thinking "I've got this!"  Then I would pitch forward, or sideways in either direction, and wind up skiing on my face until I remembered to let go of the rope.

What changed?  You might ask?  Seven years ago I became a bi-lateral above knee amputee.  Now I don't have to stand up on the ski's, but as of last Wednesday I've proven that I can waterski sitting down!  Sometimes there are benefits to not having lower legs...

What you see above is the modified water ski.  I've tried several times to post the video of me actually on the water, riding the ski, but it just doesn't want to work and, sadly, there are no good pictures of me on the ski.  In the picture you can see the main ski, with the two outrigger skis attached, and the "cage"where I would soon be sitting.  Once in the water, the rope from the boat was attached to the front of the ski.  After the boat (and ski) was up to speed I had the option of pulling the rope off the ski to take full control, but with the outriggers attached that was risky.  (One wrong move and the outriggers could actually get caught under the water and cause the ski to flip...there were people following closely on a jet ski just in case assistance was needed.) 

Since I couldn't take control of the ski I was content to just sit back and enjoy the ride.  I leaned back in the ski, spread my arms out wide, and reveled in the sensation of flying across the water!  I'm looking forward to going again next summer, without the outriggers, so I can get the full experience!     

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