Monday, September 01, 2014


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all.  Ok, I know, I let August slip past without an update.  It was a busy month, and what time I spent writing was spent working on the book.  Time spent in that manner over the past year and a half has replaced the cathartic release that the blog once gave me.  That said, there is a bit of news that I'm happy to share. 

My insurance company did give prior approval on the Power Knees.  The twist, of course, being that they are only willing to cover $63,000, which doesn't even cover my Prosthetist's cost for the pair of legs, and the approval is only good until October 27th.  That last bit doesn't mean that they'll deny them after 10/27, but it does mean that we would have to request another approval and the amount they approve could be lower.  My Prosthetist has offerred to provide the legs to me at cost, which means that I need to raise $47,000 by the middle of October! 

To that end I have been looking at fund raising sites like Kickstarter and Go Fund Me, and will be launching a website soon. Of course, these sites charge a small percentage of what is raised, so the goal will have to be even higher yet, but I am optimistic. My friends Cory Fisher and his wife Becky have been working on a short video that I can use, and Michael O'brien has been working on music to go with it. I've also been trying to come up with some creative "thank you" gifts/incentives that I can send to those who donate.  Until that video is up, here are a few teasers from my in office two day trial of the Power Knees!      



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